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Youth Accounts

Never too young to learn about money.

Teaching children how to manage money is a critical element to children’s readiness for the world. It’s never too early to start learning! At Certified Federal, we are here to help. We offer youth membership accounts for kids and teenagers. There is no minimum age for children to join the credit union as a member.


Ages 6 – 15: What your kids receive:

  • A membership account of their very own1
  • A share savings account that earns interest.
  • Share savings account teaches your child to save money and to understand the value of depositing savings for safe keeping.

Ages 16 – 17: What your teenagers receive:

  • Their own checking account and optional debit card2
  • Can spend money up to pre-set limit yet you maintain control of spending through usage controls and balance alerts
  • Instant funds transfer into your youth account from your primary account
  • With a Youth Account debit card, your teenager is learning to manage money with some level of freedom.

Some financial freedom but you still have control.

Youth accounts can have spending controls set with notification alerts for purchase amount, exceeding spending threshold or even every use. These controls allow you to trust but verify. Click here for a short video explaining how simple it is to set up checking account alerts.

If you have any questions about youth accounts or our checking accounts, please call us at 323.859.2250, Option [2].


1 requires an adult as joint on account. Minors 17 and under must open at a branch:
2 government ID required to issue their own debit card and maintain joint ownership with an adult