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Who is allowed to use the iPhone or Android Mobile Banking Applications?
Any member with an account may access the App. The member must also be in good standing with the credit union.

What does the member need in order to register for the application?
The member needs their Member Number, Moneyline Pin and Date of Birth to register.

Can multiple users use the Mobile Banking Application through the same device?
Yes. If another account holder wishes to access the application through another registered user’s device then the second account holder must choose the “Help” feature and then select “Add another User” to register on the new device.

Does the member need to be the primary account holder in order to register to use the Mobile Banking Application?
No. As long as the member has a social security number tied to an existing account they will be able to register.

The member has forgotten their username or password. How can they retrieve it?
If the username or password has been lost, the member can select the “Help” icon at the login screen, select “Forgot Username or Forgot Password” and follow the necessary steps to retrieve the forgotten credentials.

The member is reporting difficulty with creating a username.
The username is restricted to between 6-20 characters in length. The guidelines for creating a username are stated specifically within the registration process.

The member is reporting difficulty creating a password.
The password must contain the following:
Passwords should be at least 8 characters long including 1 number, 1 Uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 special character. The password must also be entered in twice to confirm and also match during the registration process.

The member cannot logout from the application.
For Apple devices, press the “log out” button on the upper right hand corner of the App.
For Android devices, the member can press the settings button, which will bring up a sub-menu within the application. Once the sub-menu is brought up, the member then has the option to select “logout” to leave the application and end the current session.

After selecting “Get Directions” from the Locations menu, the member is unable to continue with the current session.
When selecting “Get Directions” the member is actually leaving the application session and continuing to Google Maps. The member will need to log in once again to access content within the application.

How often must a member change their Mobile Banking Application password?
There are currently no enforced rules requiring a member to change their password. It is a suggested best practice that members access the “Help” feature in the application and periodically changes their password as a security measure.

Will a member’s Mobile Banking account be deactivated due to a lack of use?
No. The account will remain active unless a specific request comes from the actual member.

How does a member reset password?
Select “Help” from the menu and then “Forgot or Reset Password.”

How can a member find username/ID?
Select “Help” from the menu and then “Forgot Username.”

How can a member change username?
Usernames cannot be changed from the App.

Can a member use the same username/password they have for online banking?
No online banking only requires a 4 digit pin.

Where does a member go to download the Mobile App?
Search for “Vons Credit Union for Mobile” in the App Store for apple devices or Google Play for Android.

Why can’t a member find the App when they search Vons Credit Union for Mobile in the Google Play (Android Marketplace)?
The app has certain requirements that must be met by an Android device to operate correctly. If the member’s device doesn’t meet these requirements, the app will not be displayed in the store for the device.

The member is receiving an error message, null, what does this mean?
This could be a one-time occurrence due to a connectivity problem. Please try the operation again.

The member doesn’t have an iPhone or Android; will we have an App for other Smartphones (i.e. Blackberry)?
We review other devices on a quarterly basis to determine if we will offer an app.

Will members have the capability to scan checks from this App?
Yes, this function can be found under icon labeled “Deposit.”

Can the member use Bill Pay through the App?
Not at this time. We are looking at this as an enhancement in the near future.

Why can’t the member receive alerts like they do with Online Banking?
Alerts will be available in a future release.

The user is a signer on another account and it shows up on the App. Can the member remove that account?
The member can hide the account by going to the Personalization page, select the account they wish to hide under the account settings and then turn hide account on.

The member received an error message 201, what does that mean?
This could be a one-time occurrence due to a connectivity problem. Please try the operation again. This error also occurs when incorrect credentials have been entered.