Why Our Visa?


Which card is at the top of your wallet?

We know that there are many credit card options on the market. The truth is, though, the wrong card can be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. When you choose a Certified Federal Credit Union MORE Rewards Visa, you’ll soon see that its benefits are definitely worth your while.

A great low rate that won’t change

Variable-rate credit cards are risky. Companies that offer them can raise their rates at any time. Today, most other cards have rates that are rising. Some are more than 7% higher than ours.2 But your MORE Rewards Visa rate will not change, there’s never an annual fee and our low-interest rate is competitive with nearly every card out there. See for yourself:








With all of these great benefits, get the card that gives you MORE and put it at the top of your wallet. Call 323.859.2250, Option [1], today.

Card ON/OFF Controls


Card ON/OFF controls protect your Visa cards against unauthorized use.


ScoreCard Rewards gives you MORE

Here’s a little easy math: for every $1 you spend with our MORE Rewards Visa, you earn 1 Point. It’s that simple. When our Visa is in your wallet, you have the power to accumulate Points quickly every time you make a purchase, earning you everything from airline tickets to cold, hard cash.1

  • Credit Card $1 Spent = 1 Reward Point
  • Debit Card $3 Spent = 1 Reward Point

Online shopping is the new retail alternative

Today, we go to malls less and shop using our electronic devices more. Make sure your MORE Rewards Visa is the card-on-file for all your favorite online sites, like these, and your Points will add up even faster!

1 In the form of Visa gift cards  2 Survey July 2018