Who is eligible to join?

 Who is eligible to join?

Membership in federal credit unions is not open to the general public. Instead, it is limited to persons sharing a common bond of occupation, community or association. Examples are employees of corporations, members of associations and residents of a defined area. Those who are eligible to join Certified Federal Credit Union include:

  • All Bristol Farms, Cardenas, El Super, Gelson’s, Jons, Lazy Acres, Northgate Markets, Numero Uno Markets, Stater Bros, Super A Foods, Super King Markets, Superior Grocers, UNFI and Vintage Markets employees, their family members, and households
  • Employees of companies who do business with UNFI (formerly SuperValu and Unified Grocers)
  • Anyone who lives, works, attends school or worships in the areas of El Monte, South El Monte, Monrovia, Irwindale, Temple City, Arcadia and parts of the City of Industry
  • Companies located in the areas listed above that would like to offer Certified Federal Credit Union membership as an employee benefit

Membership is a benefit that can be shared. Once you become a member of Certified Federal Credit Union, your family and household are eligible to join as well, regardless of where they live, work or worship.

Best of all, once you become a member of Certified Federal Credit Union, you’re always a member! Even if you move out of the area, change jobs or no longer work for a qualifying employer, you retain all the benefits of Certified Federal Credit Union membership.

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