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Card On / Off

Card On/Off User Guide

Where are the Card controls located on the Mobile Banking App and the browser Online Banking and how does the Card On/Off Work?

Click the icon on the Menu bar “Cards” on either product.  Your Cards will appear.

cardonoff-1 cardonoff-3

At the top of each Card is the last 4 digits of the Card number (called the PAN in the industry).  If you have more than one Card associated with your account, you will need to choose the correct Card to disable based on these 4 numbers.


Click on the Card that you want to turn Off.  This screen will appear to confirm your decision to Disable the Card*.


* Android operating system (Samsung & other phones) causes screen to look slightly different, but functions in the same way.

Click Disable and your Card will gray out with lines through it indicating that it is no longer available for transactions.



When you want to turn the Card back On, click the grayed out Card and this screen will appear asking you to confirm your decision to enable that Card again.