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New + Used Auto Loans

Brake for our great rates on auto loans.

Whether you’ve had your eye on a particular car for a while or the one you’ve been driving has just broken down, buying a new or used car can sometimes be confusing or even intimidating. Most of us don’t buy cars very often, so it really helps to have someone walk you through the process to make sure you ask the right questions and get the best rate on what can be a very large purchase.

At Certified Federal Credit Union, our experienced Loan Officers know how to get you through the car-financing process quickly and efficiently. Add to that the value you get from Auto Expert and MPOWER Vehicle Protection, and you know you’re in the right place when you finance your vehicle through us.

Call our Loan Department at 323.859.2250, Option [1], to get the process started today.


New and used auto loan rate discounts.

Certified Federal offers discounts up to a maximum of 1% off your qualified rate. Available discounts are:

  • 0.25% for net direct deposit
  • 0.25% for automatic payments
  • 0.50% for financing 100% LTV or less
  • 0.50% for purchasing a full electric, plug-in electric or alternative fuel vehicle.

Explore our exclusive vehicle loan benefits.

We’ve assembled a collection of products and services that will take you from getting precisely the car you’ve been dreaming of to protecting your purchase. Click below to explore some of the valuable reasons that you can trust Certified Federal Credit Union with this important purchase.



The maximum age of the financed vehicle cannot exceed 12 model years and 175,000 odometer miles. Loan financing available up to 125% LTV (includes tax, license, MPower, MBI and GAP). Loans over 100% LTV are subject to a rate increase of 0.50%. Maximum discount of 1% off your qualified rate: .25 for net direct deposit, .25 for automatic payments, .50 for financing 100% LTV or less. .50 for purchasing a full-electric or alternative vehicle. Advertised rate is based on Premier FICO score of 750+. Rates are subject to change. Certified Federal Credit Union has a managed-risk credit program and rates vary based upon the member’s individual FICO score.