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Great Rewards and Strong Security!
Real-Time Text Fraud Alerts are Fast; Puts You in MORE Control

With your MORE Rewards Visa, you get more – lots more!  More reward points, more special point promotional offers, more sweepstakes chances and now more security, too.

With the addition of the Chip on your credit card, you have greater security with what we call card-present fraud.  Fraudsters now have a much more difficult time stealing your credit card information, duplicating a card and using it.  Starting in July, we are continuing to improve our credit card fraud security for card-not-present fraud, as well.

Here’s the way it works:  Fraud alerts are generated based on a probability model using a neural network and rules engine.  It sounds fancy, huh.  Well it is. We are now going to give you more control through real-time text messaging.  Should you have a fraud alert on your credit card account, we will send a text message to your mobile phone number which you can reply to immediately. If you are at a merchant and reply YES authorizing the transaction, the transaction should clear on the spot!  If it’s not you, a NO reply stops the unauthorized transaction!


FreeMsg: [Financial Institution] Fraud Dept 8003694887: Suspicious txn on acct 1111: $201.99 POTTERYBARN. If authorized reply YES, otherwise reply NO. To Opt Out reply STOP.

If you reply YES the case will be closed as not fraud and you will receive the following response:

FreeMsg: [Financial Institution] Fraud Dept: Thank you for confirming this activity. Your account is safe for continued use. To Opt Out reply STOP.

If you reply NO the Automated Call System will generate an outbound call to the cardholder during available calling hours. The cardholder will be asked to identify their self and the call will then be transferred to a Fraud Alert Specialist. The cardholder will also receive the following response:

FreeMsg: [Financial Institution] Fraud Dept: Thank you. We will call you or you can call us anytime at 800-369-4887. To Opt Out reply STOP.

If there is not a response to the text message after 30 minutes, we will then call you and ultimately send you an email.  It’s very important that you keep all of your contact information with us current.

We are here to serve you with a great Visa card that is now MORE secure than ever before!